Make-up in hot weather: how to make your summer make-up last

Make-up in hot weather: how to make your summer make-up last

Make-up in hot weather: how to make your summer make-up last

The summer heat can be a challenge for any makeup application. But with the right products and techniques, your makeup doesn’t have to suffer under the sun. At Mon Lis Studio, we teach you how to make your makeup summer-proof so it stays put from morning till night.

Skin Preparation: The Key to Durability

Thorough skin preparation is essential for ensuring long-lasting makeup. Start with a light moisturizer and a primer suitable for your skin type. This helps control oil production and creates a smooth base for subsequent application.

Choose the Right Products

For makeup that resists heat and humidity, waterproof and long-lasting products are indispensable. Opt for a foundation with high coverage and a formula that withstands the heat. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to prevent smudging.

Setting and Fixing Your Makeup

A translucent powder can help set the foundation and mattify shiny areas. A setting spray offers additional protection and keeps your makeup in place, regardless of the temperature.

Eye Makeup That Lasts

To prevent eyeshadow from smudging in the heat, start with an eyeshadow primer. Choose powder eyeshadows over cream formulas, as these are less prone to smearing.

Tips for Radiant Skin Despite the Heat

A light makeup application promotes a natural glow and prevents your face from looking "overdone." Use highlighter sparingly to add shiny accents without appearing oily.

Long-lasting Lip Colors

For lips that stay vibrant in the heat, start with a lip primer. Then apply a long-lasting lipstick and use a lip liner to define and seal the color.

Personal Consultation at Mon Lis Studio

Every skin is unique, especially in the summer. That's why we offer personalized makeup consultations at Mon Lis Studio to find the perfect summer makeup routine for your skin type and needs. Our experts are ready to help you make your makeup heat-resistant.

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