Trends from the catwalks - the latest manicure fashions

Trends from the catwalks - the latest manicure fashions

Trends from the catwalks - the latest manicure fashions

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, nail design remains one of the most accessible ways to express your individuality and follow the latest trends. Mon Lis Studio is pleased to invite you into a world of beauty and sophistication, presenting the most current nail design trends from the global runways. Our pursuit of perfection and attention to detail enable us to create unique and exquisite looks for every client.

Minimalism with a Twist

This season sees a return to minimalism, but with unexpected accents. Simple nude and transparent coatings are complemented with fine lines, dots, or delicate patterns, creating an elegant and refined image. This trend emphasizes the beauty of naturalness and simplicity while adding a touch of sophistication to your style.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

With growing awareness of ecology and sustainable development, eco-friendly lacquers and coatings are becoming increasingly popular. At Mon Lis Studio, we use products that are not only environmentally friendly but also ensure the longevity of the manicure without harming nail health.

Graphics and Abstraction

Lovers of bolder solutions will appreciate the trend towards graphic and abstract design. Combinations of bright colors, unusual shapes, and unique patterns allow for truly authorial and unmistakable nail design. This trend is perfect for those who want to stand out and emphasize their individuality.

The Return of Classics

Classic shades of red, black, and the French manicure never go out of fashion. This season, they return with a new wave of popularity, offering elegant and time-tested solutions for any occasion. At Mon Lis Studio, we give classic nail designs a modern twist, making them current and appealing.

Textures and Materials

Experiments with textures and materials open up new horizons for creativity in nail design. Velvety coatings, metallic sheen, imitation of precious stones, and the use of voluminous elements create an eye-catching and memorable nail styling. These solutions add luxury and uniqueness to your look.

Durability and Longevity

Besides beauty, modern nail design must be durable and long-lasting. At Mon Lis Studio, we utilize the latest developments in the nail industry to ensure that your manicure remains impeccable for as long as possible. New technologies allow us to guarantee high quality and durability of the coating while preserving the health and beauty of your nails.

Mon Lis Studio is proud to offer its clients nail design that combines the latest trends with the highest quality of execution. Our goal is not just to follow fashion trends but to set them by offering unique and individual solutions for everyone. Discover the world of beauty and style with us and let your hands tell a story that inspires.